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Getting people to come together has never been too easy- but there are so many things event management software can help with today that we’re essentially living in the era of well-organized events compared to even a decade ago. Discover the benefits of custom event management platform development services to facilitate multiple aspects of preparing your own events, from lighting to venue management and registrations. Our expertise allows to streamline work that’s been traditionally done through dozens of calls and emails, letting you focus on the really important things.

Moreover, with the right choice of custom event management solutions, you can cut the costs to squeeze more events into the schedule when necessary while improving attendee engagement all the time. The trick is to combine the material and interactional aspects of an event into a single, easy-to-manage, digitally endorsed workflow – and that’s where we can help.

Draw on the best practices for both corporate event management professionals and specialized event organizers to increase the efficiency of your own event routines.

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Event management app development services

Tailored to meet the unique needs of venue operators, our custom event management app development services streamline every aspect of venue management. From intuitive booking and reservation systems to resource allocation and layout planning, our software ensures efficient utilization of event spaces. Features like real-time availability tracking, automated scheduling, and seamless communication tools empower venue operators to optimize workflows and enhance client experiences.

Whether you manage conference centers, banquet halls, or multipurpose venues, our event app development services provide a comprehensive solution, fostering operational excellence and transforming your venue into a seamlessly organized and sought-after event space.
Enjoy real-time visibility into equipment availability, reducing the risk of overbooking and ensuring a seamless execution of events. With features like automated maintenance scheduling and RFID tagging, our solutions minimize downtime and enhance the reliability of your equipment.

Whether you organize conferences, concerts, or exhibitions, our equipment management solutions empower you to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and deliver exceptional events without the hassle of manual equipment management. Transform your event logistics with our customizable and efficient event apps, designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern event organizing.
Simplify the event registration process and elevate participant experiences with our innovative event app allowing easy registration. Designed for seamless online registration, our custom event apps ensure a user-friendly and efficient sign-up experience for attendees. From personalized registration forms to secure payment processing and our solutions cater to diverse event needs. Real-time attendee tracking and reporting features provide organizers with valuable insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions for future events.

With customizable branding options, automated confirmations, and attendee communication tools, as well as ticketing app development services, our event registration software enhances not only the registration journey but also fosters engagement and connection throughout the entire event lifecycle.
Transform your events into immersive and engaging experiences with our bespoke mobile event apps. Tailored to your unique event requirements, our apps empower attendees with real-time access to schedules, interactive maps, and personalized agendas, all from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets. Enhance attendee engagement with features like live polls, Q&A sessions, and networking tools, fostering meaningful interactions among participants.

Our custom mobile event apps not only provide a centralized hub for event information but also offer push notifications for important updates and announcements, ensuring attendees stay informed and connected throughout the event.

Our Approach

While developing custom event management apps (and recently, providing consultations on the best practices), we have internalized the 3C principle: choice of venue, coordination, communication. Our event management app development services are directed along these three lines to facilitate event management.

With proper event management products, you can achieve higher event “density” over a standard period at the same cost, facilitate organizational processes without hiring extra organizers, and, most importantly, avoid being distracted by the minutia of event logistics. That’s what we aim to help you with.

Some choose to treat event management apps in the narrow sense of the word (think event app development just to enable registration, etc.) – but we, as a holistic event app development company, are here to take care of multiple aspects, and integrate these workflows into a single custom event management app, if necessary.

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Registration and Attendee Management

Manual registration processes have traditionally been the culprit of less-than-optimal experience for attendees, as well as numerous headaches for organizers. With a custom event app, you can streamline registration workflows, implementing user-friendly and personalized forms, secure payment processing, and real-time tracking features. This not only significantly reduces the risk of errors but also enhances the overall registration efficiency. Additionally, you can facilitate other aspects of attendee management, managing participant information in real-time. The result is a more organized, accurate, and participant-friendly registration and attendee management process that sets the stage for successful and well-coordinated events.

Event Logistics, Equipment, etc.

While 100%-digital events are, by now, an acceptable option, it doesn’t mean they are the preferable one. F2F events do present their fair share of hurdles to the organizers, sure – but many of these can be solved with custom event app development. Whether it’s optimizing venue layouts, managing transportation logistics, or ensuring the availability of essential event equipment, you can choose to develop event management apps to enhance control and visibility. By mitigating risks of overbooking, minimizing downtime, and facilitating informed decision-making, having an event app development company on board contributes to the overall success and efficiency of event logistics and equipment management.

Enhancing Engagement

As an organizer, you can partially steer the course of your event, encouraging the attendees to engage more, all the while providing superior experiences. Custom event apps, for instance, offer personalized agendas, interactive maps, and real-time updates, all accessible from participants’ mobile devices. Features like live polls, Q&A sessions, and networking tools embedded in the event app to foster dynamic engagement and participation. Additionally, push notifications keep attendees informed about important announcements, ensuring they stay engaged throughout the event. Custom event applications adapt to the unique needs of the event, allowing organizers to develop event management apps that create immersive and memorable experiences that captivate attendees, encourage interaction, and leave a lasting positive impression.

Data analytics and reporting in event management apps

Through tailored solutions, such as event app development and specialized event management apps, organizations can seamlessly integrate robust analytics tools. These applications empower event planners with the ability to capture and analyze valuable data, including attendee engagement, session popularity, and real-time feedback. The synergy between custom event app development and data received from previously used event planning apps allows for the extraction of actionable insights, enabling organizers to make informed decisions, measure event success metrics, and continually refine their strategies for future events. By harnessing the power of custom event apps, event management professionals can transform raw data into meaningful insights, unlocking new dimensions of efficiency and success in the dynamic landscape of event planning.


Choose Lionwood


Event app development company with profound industry understanding

We have a proven track record as an event management app development company, creating custom solutions that adapt to the needs of each organization, from companies that just happen to organize events to ones that are specialized in event management.

Proven expertise in event app development services

Lionwood has a pool of developers well-versed in event management app development, from creating multi-tenant event management apps to providing UX design and ensuring integrations.

Agile event app development practices & flexibility

You can be confident that your solution will be delivered on time, while leaving room for flexibility and further customizations. Our strong point is marrying Agile with EdTech

Superior maintenance

As an event app development company, Lionwood provides extensive maintenance services to ensure the event app stays in line with the overall ecosystem and infrastructure


Popular event management app features we develop

  • Event registration / event ticketing apps

    Provide a seamless and personalized experience, streamlining the registration process, and ensuring secure, efficient ticketing, ultimately enhancing attendee satisfaction and simplifying event participation.

  • Event scheduling

    Plan, organize, and manage event schedules more efficiently than ever. Enjoy streamlined operations, optimized resource allocation, and improved overall event coordination, enhancing organizers' ability to deliver well-structured and successful events.

  • Venue and equipment management

    Facilitate the way you handle event logistics, optimize resource utilization, and maintain seamless operations. Custom solutions can help with overall event coordination, allowing organizers to maximize venue spaces, track equipment availability, and ensure a well-equipped and organized environment for successful events.

  • Event booking

    Streamline the booking process, providing a user-friendly interface for attendees to secure spots at events efficiently. This tailored approach enhances the customer experience, making event booking seamless, intuitive, and contributing to overall attendee satisfaction.

  • Live streaming and video recording

    We provide bespoke solutions to ensure high-quality streaming, interactive features, and efficient video recording, contributing to a dynamic and engaging event that can be accessed by a wider audience, both during and after the live session.

  • Invoicing and payment processing

    Simplify invoicing, accelerate payment cycles, and enhance overall financial management with a seamless and reliable platform to handle transactions.

  • Integrations

    Enable real-time data exchange, ensuring cohesive collaboration and leveraging a comprehensive suite of features that cater to their unique event needs, from registration and scheduling to engagement and analytics.

  • Data management and feedback capture

    Enhance decision-making with robust analytics tools and efficient feedback mechanisms. With analytics, you can continuously refine your events based on attendee preferences and experiences.



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