6 Proven Ways To Reduce App Development Cost In 2023

16 Feb, 2023

Developing an app can be a costly task, with many factors affecting the final price. Depending on the complexity of the app, the project scope, the tech stack, the team size, the equipment required, and other important things, your app can cost anywhere from $35,000 to over $250,000. 

Witty entrepreneurs are always trying to find out how to reduce app development costs. Luckily, there are several proven ways to do so without sacrificing quality.

How to Reduce App Development Costs?

1.Specify your project requirements

The more blurry your project scope, the more unpredictable the cost of your app development will be in the end. For that reason, defining your project requirements is a critical step if you aim to lower the cost of app development. 

By planning your app in advance, you will help the development team to provide a solution that satisfies your requirements while remaining under budget. 

Make sure to research the market and competitors and specify your project requirements in as much detail as possible. Your project scope should include not only overall functioning but also the exact features you want to implement.

Also, this step will help you divide your projects into phases and prioritize features that you want to implement first. This will also allow you to focus on essential components rather than overstep the budget with unnecessary implementations. 

2.Build an MVP

Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an excellent low-cost mobile app development approach to cut unnecessary expenses and raise money for the app while still receiving significant customer input. By concentrating on the vital features of your future app, you will decrease the time and resources required to build the app, lowering the overall cost. 

This is why before building an MVP, it is critical to determine the scope of your project and identify the most essential features. This will allow you to choose the basic functionality to include in the MVP and which to save for a later release.

Once your MVP is complete, you may test it with a small group of users to get feedback and make any required modifications to validate the product before committing significant funds to the final edition. 

3.Outsource development

According to Deloitte, over 31% of businesses outsource their app development globally. And it’s no surprise – outsourcing app development compared to using an in-house team provides access to a wider pool of talent at a lower cost. 

By working with a dedicated team, businesses can reduce app development costs, gaining the ability to scale up or down as needed. Hiring a team that handles the whole project allows businesses to focus on other important aspects.

Outsourcing development can also help save money on overhead costs, such as office space, equipment, and software. What’s more, outsourcing can help businesses to improve the quality and efficiency of their software development process.

4.Simple UI/UX

Simple UI/UX can assist in minimizing app development costs. Remember – complex designs will always make your app development more expensive. And simplicity equals efficiency.

Asimpler and more intuitive UI is easier to design and implement, speeding up the development. Because there are fewer pieces to create and implement, a simple UI/UX is also easier to test and maintain. 

But simplicity doesn’t only benefit the developers, as straightforward UI/UX design will also result in increased usability and performance, leading to increased user engagement and retention. Thus, reducing the cost of gaining new customers. 

5.Cross-platform development 

Focusing on a single platform isn’t the best idea in 2023. The cross-platform development approach is a great solution for creating mobile apps on multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android, that saves time and money by reducing the need for separate development teams.

Cross-platform development also allows businesses to update and fix bugs quicker and easier, reducing maintenance costs and making the apps up-to-date. 

In addition, cross-platform development enables companies to reach a larger audience, increasing revenue and creating a larger user base.

6.Agile project management

Agile methodology focuses on rapid development and allows for changes and adjustments throughout the process, with budget control.

App development is a big task. The Agile development approach helps you deliver software in small parts, allowing for frequent testing and feedback for adjustment. By breaking down the project into smaller pieces, app development becomes more flexible and promotes better communication, leading to better app quality. 

Additionally, it provides a more efficient use of resources, reducing the risk of costly delays.

Mistakes Preventing Low-Cost Mobile App Development

Mistake 1. Choosing the wrong platform

When developing a mobile app, you need to choose the right platform appropriate for the specific requirements of the app in order to avoid development delays, extra expenses, and the app not functioning properly. The wrong development platform can lead to compatibility issues as well as additional development costs.

Mistake 2. Neglecting the cost of scalability and updates

Most entrepreneurs forget about the costs of updates once their app is launched. However, the app needs to be constantly improved and the bugs fixed. Make sure to always plan for small and big updates, as well as further scalability for your app development.

Mistake 3. Changing the concept

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is changing the concept of the potential app. Not only does it lead to additional development work but also re-testing, adding to the overall cost of the project.

Finally, changes to the concept can affect the UI/UX of the app, requiring additional design and QA interruption. This will also lead to delays in the development process and extra expenses.


Although building an application doesn’t come cheap, you can always reduce app development costs while keeping the maximum app performance. With the right approach, technology, and our functional tips, you will be able to get the most out of your investments.

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