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Let us make your greatest idea a reality with our full-cycle software development for startups. Lionwood can assist you with project ideation, identifying essential product features, developing a plan for product development, and preparing the project for launch. 

With our years of expertise and know-how, we can deliver the best software solution for your startup on time and within budget. We provide prototyping, PwC, and MVP development for startups to help you overcome the most difficult challenges related to product launch and speed up time to market. 

Whether you’re just starting your journey as a startup or want to accelerate your business growth, we are here to become your trusted partner and bring your product to another level. 


Take your startup to a whole
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  • Consulting
  • MVP development
  • Product prototype
  • Discovery phase
  • Mobile app development
  • Custom web development
  • UX/UI design
  • QA testing
When do you need software development for startups
  • You want to get a risk-free software solution delivered from scratch
  • You want to reduce time to market
  • You have a startup idea with clear requirements
  • You are a non-technical ideator who require technical expertise
  • You want to delegate software development while focusing on other important business tasks
of software development outsourcing growth is expected by 2023
of startups fail because they don’t have the right team
$1 bn
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Technology stack










PhP (WP)







We analyze your startup idea to better understand your potential consumers and their major pain points and needs, as well as research the competitors and market conditions.


We discuss and determine precise software development requirements to get prepare for the production process.

Discovery Phase

Based on the set requirements, we plan the development process, which includes an analysis of the potential risks and allocation of resources needed for the project delivery. This stage also includes in-depth target audience research, budget evaluation, project timeline definition, and team composition.

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Design Phase

During this phase, our team creates product visualization and prototypes and determines the architectural approach to create perfect wireframes and UI design.

Development Phase

Based on the technical specification requirements, we start bringing your vision to reality. Once the UX/UI design phase is finished, we proceed to the back-end and front-end implementation using the best-suited tech stack.


The project undergoes rigorous testing, including manual, automation, and end-to-end testing to ensure product performance is excellent and all flaws are eliminated.

Clients' acceptance testing

Prior to the project launch, you test software functionality and provide constructive feedback so that the Lionwood team can make any necessary improvements or fixes.


After testing, the project is ready for deployment (project migration) and regression testing on the production environment.


After release, our team provides periodic updates, enhancements, ongoing development of new features, and support (for an extra cost).


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  • The leading web development service company
  • 89 successfully launched startups
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  • 75% of our talent are Middle and Senior specialists
  • Agile approach
  • Strong knowledge of English
  • Large talent pool
  • Progressive technologies
Since 2017, our software development company for startups has been assisting clients all around the world in implementing the perfect software solutions for their projects. Whether you need to create a product prototype, build an MVP, enhance your product, or build a complex custom product from scratch, we’ll gladly provide you with all the necessary talent and knowledge. So let’s turn your idea into a successful product together! Contact us
Use Lionwood top-grade talent to
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Case studies

Success stories

Education, Platform
2019 - 2023
2018 - 2020
Garrett Buis
Co-Founder, Blue Fetch Holdings

Lionwood.software delivered the fully functioning app on time, though they could've done it faster if the client had more internal resources to update their backend. Their team was organized and proactive in improving design flaws. They also managed the project efficiently and produced quality work.

Project description
A construction materials delivery firm hired Lionwood.software to build a Flutter app for their drivers. They improved the client's mock-ups, implemented them, and connected the app to their existing backend.
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Co-Founder, Lingon Certificates

We have been working with the team at Lionwood for almost two years now and are very happy with the collaboration. The developers and project coordinators are always thoughtful, pro-active and highly competent and the commercial team has shown a great customer-oriented mindset and flexibility in all stages of our cooperation. We can only give our best recommendations.

Project description
A blockchain startup partnered with Lionwood.software for custom software development services. The team built an MVP of the client's app that manages the consumer's collectibles.
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Kaspars Eglins
Board Member, KleinTech Services

Our web performance has improved overall, and our clients are always satisfied with Lionwood.software’s deliverables. Communicative and quick, Lionwood.software provides requested resources on schedule and delivers on or ahead of time. Their adaptability is particularly noteworthy.

Project description
Lionwood.software provides ongoing web app services, developing new features from scratch, fixing bugs in front- and backends, and working with management systems. Much of their work is done in .NET.
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Ivan Nordgaimer
COO, Bytebrand Outsourcing AG

The team has proven to be a reliable partner. Lionwood.software’s developers demonstrate technical expertise that consistently yields high-quality work in WordPress and PHP. Professional, adaptive, and diligent, they receive feedback well and grasp needs quickly, enabling a seamless collaboration.

Project description
Lionwood.software provided WordPress and PHP specialists to set up a high load WordPress multisite. They migrated content and integrated the new site into an app using Node.js. The project is ongoing.
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Glenn Miseroy
CTO, LeadExpress

The team at Lionwood.software met expectations. Their proactive approach complemented their efficient project management style. Their responsive communication is also noteworthy. The reliable team comes well recommended from the client.

Project description
Lionwood.software restructured a SaaS platform, focusing on frontend development and design. The team analyzed the structure and API before tackling the rebuild. Key technologies used were Angular and Python.
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Jonas Scherf
Online Marketing Manager, scoutbee

Thanks to the contributions of the Lionwood.software team, the company saw their web traffic increase by as much as four times than when they started the project. The team's flexibility and communication allowed them to cultivate a positive working atmosphere during the partnership.

Project description
A tech startup partnered with Lionwood.software to provide web design, web development, and other general web services for their business.
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Andrew Laquis
Director, Shyft.tt

Lionwood.software is organized and diligent with meetings. They provide timely responses and delivered projects on time and within the budget. The team handles the changes and updates in a fast and streamlined approach. Email and WhatsApp are used for communication.

Project description
A digital insurance aggregator hired Lionwood.software for their web development services. The team is developing a customize site for the client to help them move out from their previous complex platform.
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Petro Pryimak
Project Manager, D.S.

Lionwood.software has successfully delivered the solution on time and according to the client's requirements. An agile partner, the team works in sprints and leads regular sprint planning meetings and demo sessions to ensure transparency. What stands out the most is the team's proactive approach.

Project description
Lionwood.software is developing an online marketplace for a pharmacy chain. The goal is to develop a platform that could accommodate a large number of goods from different stores and suppliers.
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Yuliia Mytsko
Product Owner, Lube Avto

Lionwood.software has enabled the company to launch a tracking system with encrypted storage and logins, ensuring 100% security and convenience. The team joins on-site meetings and plannings for new project scopes, tasks, and demo sessions. Overall, they are meticulous, communicative, and effective.

Project description
Lionwood.software has been developing various mobile and web applications and software solutions for a car dealer. They’ve made several improvements on functionalities and added new features as per requests.
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Ava Greve
Chief of Customer Support, Dizmo AG

Lionwood.software’s support has been in sync and on time despite the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Their team fosters a positive relationship by being communicative and available. Ultimately, they are dedicated to the project, displaying interest and flexibility for the product’s success.

Project description
Lionwood.software is helping a software company build a tool that allows users to allocate resources and tasks. They’re using JavaScript for the project.
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Jonathan Himoff
Managing Director, Camden Live

Lionwood.software continues to support the client's platform, focusing on timeliness and cost effectivity. They have offered the best solutions with an easygoing communication process, as well. Moreover, their team is described as proactive and dedicated. Most of all, they provide high-quality code.

Project description
Lionwood.software is tasked by a media production platform with expanding their web app on WordPress. The client aimed to develop a new admin dashboard to create an update online and offline events.
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George Arkin

Frontend improvements could have improved their collaboration, but Lionwood.software delivered as expected. They've shown professionalism and hard work with great sync between the internal and the external team.

Project description
Lionwood.software provided UX design and product design for an automotive company. They were hired for having a professional and fast-paced team that produced quality products within the client's budget.
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A startup software development company assists people in transforming their creative ideas into efficient, market-ready software products through their full-cycle product development services.
Absolutely! When you employ Lionwood’s developers on demand for your startup, they will integrate smoothly with the rest of your team to fill in whenever and wherever necessary.
To estimate the cost of custom startup software development, we roughly calculate the number of hours required to complete the project and evaluate the project's complexity, tech stack, and necessary tasks. We guarantee that your project will be finished on time and within the approved budget. Please contact us and we will gladly provide you with a free quote for your startup development plan and implementation.
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