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Over the past years, so many different aspects of healthcare have been digitalized that the entire domain now works under vastly different rules and assumptions. Whichever role you have in the healthcare landscape – HCP, hospital worker, pharmacist, patient, caregiver – there will be something under the category of healthcare software to facilitate the routines and lead to better outcomes. As a custom healthcare software development company, we emphasize robustness, security, and top-notch UX, together with best practices and cutting-edge tech like AI and IoT in the name of patient centricity and professional efficiency.

From pharmaceutical logistics to hospital management, medical software, and appointment booking, we develop custom healthcare software to allow any stakeholder in the healthcare industry to perform their mission seamlessly and efficiently.

Learn more about our expertise in custom healthcare software development, tech stacks used, and innovative solutions provided.

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Healthcare software development services

Improve healthcare accessibility with our Telemedicine Software Development Services. At Lionwood, we specialize in crafting innovative apps tailored for seamless doctor appointment setting, empowering patients to connect with healthcare professionals effortlessly. With a focus on remote consultations, our solutions bring healthcare to the fingertips of users, fostering a convenient and personalized experience.

Trust our seasoned team of developers to design robust, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solutions that elevate patient care, enhance practitioner-patient communication, and reshape the future of healthcare delivery. LEARN MORE
Elevate hospital management to new heights with custom Hospital Software Systems development to enhance operational efficiency and patient care. Together, we can design the perfect applications for streamlined appointment scheduling, IoT-based equipment management, and seamless integration with diagnostic equipment.

From optimizing billing and claims processing to ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations, our solutions are built to empower hospitals with the tools they need to not only meet the current demands but also anticipate future challenges. LEARN MORE
We specialize in crafting advanced pharmacy management software solutions to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and patient satisfaction. Our tailored systems cover a spectrum of features, from inventory management and prescription tracking to automated billing and compliance monitoring.

With our pharmacy management systems, you can streamline workflows, reduce errors, and improve overall service quality. From small pharmacies to large chains, our solutions are scalable, intuitive, and designed to meet the specific needs of the pharmacy industry. LEARN MORE
Enhance patient interactions with solutions that seamlessly connect patients with healthcare providers, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey through the healthcare system. Our apps offer advanced features for intuitive appointment scheduling, reducing wait times, and enhancing patient engagement. With real-time queuing systems, patients can track their turn and receive timely updates, improving overall satisfaction.

Whether you're a clinic, hospital, or healthcare center, our apps are customizable to meet your unique needs. Trust us to deliver user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant solutions that not only streamline administrative processes but also elevate the overall patient experience.LEARN MORE
We can design custom EHR solutions with a focus on interoperability,and facilitate the exchange of critical patient information, enabling better collaboration among healthcare professionals. From patient history and diagnosis to treatment plans and billing, our EHR development ensures a comprehensive and secure approach to healthcare data. LEARN MORE

Our approach


It is the essence of custom healthcare software development to be customizable yet compliant; what we offer on top is the carefully selected best practices and insights from other industries to supplement your custom systems. Healthcare software is a vast field, where even the findings from logistics and education can be useful additions.

If your ambition is to facilitate processes, improve patient experience, or gain a deeper interconnection between the different aspects of the healthcare industry, we’re the right choice for you.

Going beyond creating adaptable and compliant solutions, we view our role as catalysts for positive transformation in the healthcare sector. Our team constantly explores innovative technologies and methodologies in healthcare custom software development, staying at the forefront of industry trends.

It’s all rooted in empathy and efficiency; any healthcare software development services are bound to reflect that – and programming is just part of the job. Our choices of tech stack and product development expertise are fitted to this reality, defining our place among healthcare software companies.

custom healthcare software development:

The problems we solve

Enabling patient centricity in healthcare

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a patient-centric approach, we design and implement custom software solutions that seamlessly integrate into healthcare workflows, placing the patient at the forefront of the care continuum. From personalized Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to intuitive patient portals and telemedicine platforms, our solutions enhance accessibility, communication, and overall patient experience. We understand that each healthcare institution is unique, and our custom software development ensures alignment with specific organizational goals, fostering a more patient-centric and efficient healthcare environment.

Appointment Scheduling

Our tailored solutions are designed to streamline the appointment scheduling process, offering healthcare providers a robust platform that enhances efficiency and patient satisfaction. Leveraging innovative technology, our custom software ensures seamless scheduling, reducing wait times, minimizing appointment conflicts, and ultimately optimizing the overall healthcare experience for both providers and patients.

Interoperability and compliant data management

We empower healthcare institutions to break down silos, fostering the secure and efficient sharing of patient information across platforms. Our solutions not only enhance collaboration among healthcare providers but also safeguard sensitive patient data through robust security measures. By prioritizing interoperability and compliance, we enable healthcare organizations to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare data management with confidence, ensuring the highest standards of patient care, privacy, and regulatory adherence.

Automating Manual Processes

Recognizing the challenges posed by labor-intensive, manual tasks within healthcare institutions, our solutions include tailored software applications that seamlessly integrate automation. From administrative tasks and appointment scheduling to data entry and billing processes, our custom software suite streamlines operations, reducing human error and increasing overall efficiency. Whether it’s automating administrative workflows, developing billing software, or creating intuitive appointment scheduling applications, our commitment is to empower healthcare organizations with a suite of tools that transform manual processes into automated, streamlined workflows. This allows healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and a more sustainable healthcare ecosystem.

Competition between Healthcare Organizations

Tailored to specific needs, custom software enables hospitals, HCPs, and pharmacies to stay ahead by optimizing processes, enhancing patient experiences, and ensuring seamless adaptation to industry advancements. Whether it’s through efficient patient data management, personalized patient engagement applications, or streamlined operational workflows, custom software empowers to not only meet current demands but also proactively address future challenges. By leveraging technology to its fullest potential, organizations can foster innovation, improve service quality, and ultimately position themselves within their niche in a highly dynamic and competitive healthcare environment.


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Proven expertise in healthcare software product development

Our teams draw their expertise in custom healthcare software development from a diverse list of previous successful projects, including not only medical device software but pharmacy management systems, healthcare mobile app development, and other types of software. Our tech stack includes not just front-end, back-end, and data management tools, but frameworks for IoT, as well as AI and Machine Learning along with best practices accumulated over the years.

Industry understanding

We make it our practice to analyze and respect the specifics of healthcare industry, from HIPAA compliance to sensitive data processing, and help focus on the challenges that are relevant for each stakeholder in the healthcare process. We don’t just provide code, but look at the larger picture of how your solution will function in your healthcare ecosystem.

Agile development practices & flexibility

You can be confident that your solution will be delivered on time, while leaving room for flexibility and further customizations

Superior maintenance

Lionwood provides extensive maintenance services to ensure the software stays in line with the overall ecosystem and infrastructure

Cutting-edge technologies

We find ways to use newer, more advanced technologies even to solve traditional tasks posed before healthcare software, to make our solutions scalable and compatible with future innovations in the field

Holistic view of healthcare software

Our expertise allows us to look at a wide picture and develop products that function outside silos as a harmonious part of the digital infrastructure


Popular healthcare software features we develop

  • Online and offline doctor appointment setting

    Enable patients to schedule and manage appointments through a user-friendly interface, providing accessibility and convenience whether connected to the internet or operating in offline mode.

  • Video chats for telemedicine

    Facilitate secure and real-time virtual consultations between healthcare providers and patients, ensuring a seamless and personalized healthcare experience from the comfort of one's location.

  • EHR development and integration

    Optimize healthcare data management by providing a comprehensive platform for creating, storing, and seamlessly integrating patient records, ensuring efficient and secure access to critical health information across healthcare systems.

  • Patient queuing

    Enhance the healthcare experience by efficiently managing patient flow in waiting areas. Establish a streamlined and organized queuing system, reducing wait times, improving patient satisfaction, and optimizing overall healthcare service delivery.

  • Finding HCP for patient

    Empower individuals to efficiently locate and connect with suitable healthcare providers based on specific criteria such as specialization, location, or availability. This functionality enhances patient access to care by facilitating seamless connections with the right healthcare professionals for their specific needs.

  • Customer-facing pharmacy apps

    Revolutionize the pharmaceutical experience by providing users with a convenient and interactive platform. These apps empower customers to easily manage prescriptions, order medications, access personalized health information, and engage with pharmacy services, fostering a seamless and user-friendly connection between patients and their healthcare needs.

  • Equipment management

    Implement custom software for tracking, monitoring, and maintaining equipment, optimizing resource utilization, ensuring compliance, and enhancing overall operational efficiency in healthcare settings.

  • Medical device software

    Ensure seamless communication, data collection, and integration with healthcare systems, enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and overall effectiveness of medical devices used in patient care and diagnostics.

  • Patient engagement apps

    Empower individuals to actively participate in their healthcare journey. These apps offer personalized health information, appointment reminders, and interactive features, fostering a proactive approach to well-being. Patient engagement apps enhance communication between healthcare providers and patients

  • Automation of routines (AI-enhanced)

    Leverage advanced technologies such as AI to enhance efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and streamline workflows, ultimately allowing healthcare professionals to focus on delivering optimal patient care.



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