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Gain full control of the transport and goods movement routines with custom logistics management solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. While out-of-the-box platforms can grant you core functions, we know many businesses need more – and are here to help. Whether you need transportation management software, warehouse systems with IoT capacities, or freight management solutions, there is a lot you can have customized to fit your workflows perfectly.

Over 6 years, we’ve helped create logistics software to optimize delivery routes, reduce fleet running costs, reduce traffic congestion, and improve residents’ urban experiences. Let’s discuss how we can implement your own perfect logistic management solution.

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decrease in process time is reported due to logistics automation
of organizations list real-time supply chain visibility in their Top 3 priority lists
the projected value of the same-day delivery market in the US
of companies in the supply chain are investing in AI in 2024
less mistakes are reported due to system integration in logistics
Logistics is a route from visibility to management. Logistics software is what enables both.

Logistics software development services

Our approach

Implement tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows, optimizing efficiency, and enhancing visibility across the entire supply chain. We offer our expertise in developing scalable and customizable software solutions, from real-time inventory tracking to predictive analytics and streamlined communication channels.

We help build software that significantly impacts ROI by minimizing operational inefficiencies, reducing errors, improving resource utilization, and enhancing overall supply chain visibility, leading to cost savings and increased profitability over the long term.
A good fit with a Warehouse Management System can transform your business: not only does it enhance operational efficiency, but also improves visibility, resulting in cost savings. The prerequisite is, it should align with your workflows at least 2 years after the implementation. Our expertise allows to create custom WMSs or customize things to let that happen.

A good WMS is essential in any logistics software solutions toolkit because it’s the easiest way to efficiently orchestrate inventory, order fulfillment, and warehouse operations, optimizing processes, reducing errors, and ultimately ensuring a streamlined and cost-effective supply chain management. At the same time, creating the perfect WMS for a specific industry is a matter of custom development, which is what we can do for you.
Learn what we can do for your company's transportation management strategies with cutting-edge technology and seamless execution. While the typical reason for TMS implementation is visibility, properly implemented systems can raise the overall cost-efficiency of operations and reduce the costliest of logistical mistakes along the way.

Proper TMS implementation can significantly boost your company's logistics ROI by optimizing route planning, enhancing shipment visibility, and improving overall operational efficiency, ultimately reducing costs, minimizing delays, and maximizing the profitability of the entire supply chain.
Every logistics enterprise is unique, facing distinct challenges calling for custom solutions. Our team specializes in crafting tailor-made Freight Management software that aligns seamlessly with your business needs. From comprehensive route optimization (including ocean freighting) and real-time tracking to automated documentation and cost-effective carrier management, our solutions are designed to empower your logistics operations.

Of all transportation and logistics solutions, those that deal with freight management are also the ones that deal with responsibilities, meaning custom development is key to success. We are here to help, drawing on our previous experience to provide benefits that go beyond out-of-the-box solutions.
Employ the power of data-driven decision making and advanced automation to manage public transport in your community efficiently. Custom-built solutions can not only improve the overall cost allocation tactics, but create better experiences for commuters and the entire area. Our experience in real-life projects in this domain is several clicks away.

There is a long list of what logistics management software is expected to (and really can) assist with: from inventory management down the supply chain through transport management and into the lucrative realm of last-mile delivery. Whether to pack the relevant functionalities into a single system or create an extensive ecosystem is a matter of company policy, self-definition, and positioning. What is important, though, is to leave space for scaling.

We believe logistics management software should be customizable and scalable, so our tech stack and custom development services align with that vision. This is something that can yield long-term ROI to the client, as well as ensure that the newer technologies that enter the ring (like IoT did a decade ago) are integrated more easily than otherwise.



  • Transport tracking

    Based on our experience with public transport tracking systems, we provide transportation software development services that align with real-life needs arising from diverse settings (urban, rural, on-premise) to suit various business models and leave room for scaling

  • WMS and TMS customization

    Unlock the full potential of your logistics operations with our WMS and TMS customization services, tailoring WMS and TMS to align seamlessly with your unique business processes, optimizing efficiency, and delivering a bespoke solution for your supply chain needs

  • ERP Integrations

    Our comprehensive ERP integrations for transportation logistics software seamlessly unite disparate systems, enhancing data flow and operational synergy, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined approach to managing your entire supply chain.

  • IoT implementation

    Embed cutting-edge connectivity into your operations to enable real-time tracking, predictive maintenance, and data-driven decision-making, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and visibility throughout your supply chain.

  • Custom logistics module development

    Tailor specialized modules (inventory management, route optimization, transportation management, etc.) to address your unique business needs, enhancing efficiency, and providing a scalable solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems for a cohesive and optimized supply chain management experience.

  • Urban transport ecosystem software

    Empower urban mobility with our specialized transport ecosystem software development, tailoring solutions to address the unique challenges of city logistics, reducing congestion, and fostering sustainable and efficient urban transportation.

  • Advanced transportation management software features

    Enhance your transportation management software with custom functionalities for real-time tracking, carrier management, multi-modal support, visibility and analytics, automated documentation, load planning, predictive analytics, and many more.


Choose Lionwood


Logistics software development company with profound industry understanding

Our specialists have worked with projects aimed at the various participants of the logistics process, from transportation to end customers and warehouse management, and possess the best practices in applying the relevant tech stack to multiple user scenarious.

Agile development practices embedded in the logistics software development process

You can be confident that your logistics software solution will be delivered on time, while leaving room for flexibility and further customizations. Our strong point is marrying Agile with logistics management

Superior maintenance

Lionwood provides extensive maintenance services to ensure the software stays in line with the overall ecosystem and infrastructure

Scalable and customizable logistics software

With Lionwood, you can be reasonably sure the logistics software you receive is built with future in mind – we take care to use the tecnologies that will allow you to plug in further users, modules, and functionalities as you go.

logistic management solutions:

The problems we solve

Building Harmonious Logistics Software Ecosystems through Integrations

We help seamlessly integrate together diverse components like transport management and ERP into a functioning infrastructure. From Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to Transportation Management Systems (TMS), our approach ensures a smooth flow of information across your entire supply chain. With proper use of the relevant APIs, we empower your business with real-time data exchange and synchronization, enhancing collaboration and boosting operational efficiency. Our logistics software ecosystem not only streamlines warehouse management, order processing, and transportation but also sets the stage for adaptability in a rapidly evolving industry. Embrace scalability, break down silos, and revolutionize your supply chain – experience the power of a unified platform with our logistics software solutions!

Updating and Scaling Legacy Systems

Chances are, your company has been around for more than the current tech stack that the recent newcomers are using. Updating or modernizing legacy systems in logistics is crucial for staying competitive in today’s dynamic business environment, as it enhances operational efficiency, ensures compatibility with new technologies, and fosters agility to meet evolving industry demands, ultimately optimizing the entire supply chain. This is a common challenge for most companies in logistics, and we are happy to provide our expertise for updating, migrating, or modernizing your legacy systems to ensure your organization can reduce the technical debt accrued over the past years.

Custom Functionality Development

Logistics software is as diverse as the business needs themselves: some need advanced functionality when it comes to transportation software development, some need it in other domains, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to cover all the requirements at once. We help organizations go fully individual yet flexible by providing consultations and custom logistics software development services where necessary, from IoT and barcode scanning to GPS tracking and elements of AI.

Improving Visibility with Custom Logistics Software

We provide tailored solutions to track and monitor fleets in real-time, optimizing route planning, and minimizing transit times. These custom systems provide comprehensive insights into key metrics, allowing for informed decision-making and proactive issue resolution. By integrating features like geolocation tracking and advanced analytics, businesses gain a holistic view of their transportation processes, fostering better control over deliveries, mitigating risks, and ensuring adherence to schedules.

Minimizing Mistakes

minimize human errors associated with manual data entry, order processing, and inventory management. Custom logistics management software can incorporate intelligent algorithms and machine learning capabilities to enhance accuracy in demand forecasting, order fulfillment, and shipment tracking. Real-time data synchronization ensures that all stakeholders are working with up-to-date information, reducing the likelihood of errors caused by outdated or inconsistent data. By implementing custom logistics software, companies can establish error-resistant workflows, streamline communication between different stages of the supply chain, and introduce smart validation mechanisms, ultimately creating a more reliable and efficient logistics operation with fewer mistakes.




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