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What is it about?
Refer a new client to and earn up to 15% monthly of the contract value.

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This program is designed for

Sales leaders
Digital agencies
Business consultants
Startup Advisors
Entrepreneurs clients and partners
Your Benefits

Of becoming a partner

Passive income

Earn up to 15% of the contract value each month.


Win more opportunities. Close the non-core stack opportunities using our expertise


When the non-core lead is a part of the big project, you share responsibilities and it helps to close a project faster


We enhance the customer experience by assigning the manager who takes care of the whole communication. You save time on management and communication and get your bonus.


Convert the non-core lead to a happy client who would recommend you as a reliable partner dealing with any challenges. It's a win-win situation. You get a strong reputation among your leads and clients.



Our values are based on Meaningfulness and Passion. Business is not just money. It's not only about coding, design, or testing, but mainly working on something meaningful, being fired about what you are doing, and creating something that can change the world.
Who the Referral Partner Program is designed for

The Referral Partner Program would be an excellent deal for affiliates, agents, digital agencies, consultants, etc. who want to earn a commission by promoting to their own networks. Designed to be easy, and automated, the Referral Partner Program requires a little of your effort giving a good cash bonus in return.

The Referral Partner program would work for:

  • Sales Leaders with extensive business networking.
  • Digital agencies who’d like to extend their lead base and cover non-core technology stack.
  • Consultants, thought leaders with a network of people asking them for advice and recommendations to take their business to the digital world.
  • Partners and clients, willing to refer services to their friends, business partners, etc.
  • People who had experience working with and want to tell their friends and associates about it.
How to

Become a Referral Partner

New opportunity

You have the lead that matches expertise. The first step would be to share general project requirements with us.

Sign Agency Agreement

If there is a match, we sign the Agency Agreement. We are transparent in terms of collaboration; this agreement would define the type of collaboration, its provisions, payment details, etc.


When the Agreement is signed, you are confident to present us to the lead as your trusted partner. That's where your commitment ends, and our area of responsibility begins. We take all the required steps to close the deal, sign the contract and start the work.

The Project begins

Having negotiated all the questions with the client, our team starts the project. It’s a Win-Win situation for everyone!

Receive a bonus

We assign the delivery manager to start the onboarding process and make it an easy start for you and the engineer. The typical onboarding process takes about 1-2 weeks.

years on market
clients worldwide
rating on Clutch - 20 reviews
Middle and Senior specialists
referral clients


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Mariia Shevchuk
Chief Partnership Officer

Over the past few years, our partnership with Lionwood.Software has flourished, benefiting both parties. While they've enhanced our capabilities in software development, we've contributed our expertise in marketing, creating a powerful synergy. This collaboration has empowered us to offer comprehensive solutions, addressing every aspect of our clients' business needs, from initial discovery to the implementation of effective marketing strategies. As a result, we've consistently delivered exceptional results, fostering high levels of client satisfaction

Lyubomyr Koval
Founder at Qubstudio

I have been working with for almost 2 years. During this time, I handed over several customers of mine who successfully became customers of Lionwood team. I always get a commission on time, and I do not need to be involved in projects, that is perfect for me. is comprehensive in managing projects and maintaining a great reputation through transparent cooperation with customers. As well as, all my referred Customers share only positive feedback on their work.

Ivan Nordgaimer
CEO at N-Development

Our company specializes in Odoo development and consulting. But, sometimes we receive requests from clients for Mobile app development. As I know directly and trust them, I'm eager to share my non-core Leads with them. I get my bonus, and clients stay happy as they have support from The model of collaboration is transparent for me.

Andrew Linskyi
CEO at AVRspot

Collaboration with the started back in 2018. We had a few non-core leads, FYI we specialize in AR/VR. I hang over a couple of projects to the Business Development Manager. So, to be honest with you, I spent just a few minutes for all that. BDM did all the rest - they qualified the lead, agreed on other project requirements and signed the agreement. Meanwhile, I received a bonus. This model is simple and transparent, so everyone stays happy.

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