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Gain literal superhuman capacities for your business operations and boost user experience with our custom AI development services. From computer vision and object recognition to analytics and data management, as well as conversational AI, artificial intelligence has enabled businesses across industries to level up the game, redefining competitiveness. Our expertise lies in neural network and ML (Machine Learning) development for specific industries, notably retail, eCommerce, transportation, logistics, and healthcare-related experiences.

We don’t just implement AI for its own sake, but rather focus on your business goals, while ensuring the systems are scalable and ready for innovations yet to come.



Computer vision

As of now, computer vision development services have countless cases of practical use, from smart shelf monitoring to defect detection in manufacturing. We develop computer vision applications that redefine the way things are done both within and outside the company, for employees and customers alike. As an example, you can enhance your retail operations with advanced visual recognition technology, providing real-time insights and creating a seamless, personalized shopping journey – or improve on-premise inventory management.


Perfect customer interactions coud take up the entire resources of your company – but should they? Modern chatbots allow to facilitate common scenario handling and spare countless human-hours in value. And it’s not just automating customer support – we help immplement chatbots to streamline internal processes, as well. You can start by contacting our professionals to consult on what type of chatbot you want to implement, what problems it will help solve, and how it could be implemented.


AI-powered predictive analytics

While quality decision-making now commonly rests on handling enormous amounts and data and juggling them to identify the patterns and factors in play, AI-powered predictive analytics solutions can be of immense help. We are operating at the intersection of predictive analytics innovations and industry-specific paradigms. This allows our models to forecast short- and middle-term trends, further enabling your company to allocate resources with minimal risks and benefit from actionable insights that a simple report couldn’t yield.

Anomaly detection and security

Elevate your data insights with our anomaly detection services. We leverage advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify outliers and irregular patterns in your datasets, helping identify previously undpredicted trends and proactively addressing vulnerabilities when necessary.


AI recommendation engine development

Transform user experiences and boost engagement with our personalized recommendation engines that enhance user interactions across platforms. From content recommendations to product suggestions, our solutions leverage advanced algorithms to provide tailored experiences. Increase user retention and maximize business impact with our expertly crafted recommendation engine services.

AI can do immense work once you tell it what exactly it should do. We help AI understand you, and you to use AI.



  • Object detection algorithms

    Allowing machines to see what only humans could up until recently is a big step towards automation and operational efficiency. Modern object detection algorithms can help you automate tasks that traditionally required relatively unqualified (but still paid) human labor, while ensuring higher operational excellence: sorting, tracking, identifying patterns for decision-making, and much more. Proper datasets, hyperparameter settings, and model architecture can help visual recognition to bring operations to a new level.

  • Conversational AI implementation

    Scalable models for conversational AI can help automate routine interactions within and outside the company. We make sure the outcome is a relevant experience for the user and the tech can replace human operators wherever possible by using the relevant models to be trained on relevant data.

  • Machine Learning development

    Machine Learning is, by now, a part of any industry’s software arsenal, from healthcare and finance to eCommerce and manufacturing. We make it our point to create ML models based on well-selected architectures, hyperparameters, ensemble learning techniques, and problem formulations to help derive actionable insights and enhance decision-making.

  • User behavior analytics modules

    Decoding the users is a tough task, as long as the users and those who analyze their choices are all human. As an AI development company, we create user behavior analytics modules that help decipher the patterns behind customer tendencies, helping you optimize strategies and make sure your products are adopted across the target demographics.

  • NLP services

    Transform the way you interact with data through our Natural Language Processing (NLP) services. Our experts work to harness the power of language understanding, offering tailored NLP solutions that drive efficiency, automate processes, and unlock valuable insights across sectors from customer support to content analysis.



Cutting-edge innovations at your service

We take care to be at the forefront of innovative tech when it comes to AI development services, simply because we’re the people who’ve learned a lot from the previous IT revolutions, starting with mobile and Web3. Especially with articifial intelligence, you have to always make sure your solutions will not be obliterated by some other new trend – and we can predict that, creating AI solutions that will exist into the next decade.

We fit into your business model

While some business owners might be anxious about integrating AI into their infrastructure, times have changed since it first became available to the business community – it’s no longer something that would require special effort to adopt. Lionwood can help you incorporate AI into your business in the right places and at the right moment, starting with enhancing the operations within your business model, and continuing with scaling it across the various collaterals, while we take care of adoption.

Framing AI into the UX it deserves

We understand the value of your investment into AI, and take effort to make sure it will be adopted: after all, it’s not just about sophistication, but user experiences. What we do is ‘wrap’ AI into intuitive user experiences by prioritizing user-centric design. Whether it’s an app meant to facilitate operations within your company, or a customer-facing one, we strive to marry UX with the artifical intelligence so that the end user will get what they need.

Industry-specific AI applications

Our approach goes beyond generic models, emphasizing a deep understanding of industry specifics. We don’t create “generic AI”: instead, we tailor AI solutions that operate at the same “wavelength” as your industry. Be it precision in predictive analytics, fine-tuning computer vision for retail, or optimizing patterns for transportation, we ensure that whatever AI solution we create is woven into the fabric of your industry.



As a technology dealing with constant innovation, AI requires special attention to the implementation process, allowing all stakeholders control over what is being rolled out. We recognize that need, and put special effort into ensuring collaboration.

Discover (Initial Assessment)

During the first step, our AI development company collects business and technical requirements, and estimates what AI implementation is supposed to achieve in the short- and long-term perspective.

Define and validate

We validate the project idea and define the required scope of AI-powered functionality, as well as interdependencies, to gather and allocate resources needed for implementation.

Train the model

After preprocessing the data and selecting the model/technology, we train the model

Validate and test

We access the performance of the trained model using validation data, and further test it with independent test data to ensure generalization.


Now we implement the trained and validated model into the target environment, integrate it with the adjacent systems, making it available for real-world use.


We continuously monitor the deployed model's performance, address any issues that arise, and update the model as needed to adapt to changing conditions.





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Frequently Asked Questions
As of now, AI has practical applications in almost every industry, from retail and eCommerce (object recognition, recommendations, etc.) to healthcare and edtech. Consult our experts to see what processes can be automated or enhanced in your industry and business model.
We provide a wide range of AI development services involving different applications. Our main sphere of expertise is in computer vision and object recognition/classification, as well as prediction and pattern recognition. However, we also implement conversational AI for enhanced customer experience.
We employ advanced data encryption, strict access controls, and secure APIs to safeguard sensitive information. Regular security audits and compliance with data protection regulations ensure a proactive approach to identifying and addressing potential threats. Our commitment to privacy by design principles and user education further solidifies our dedication to building AI applications that not only deliver innovation but also instill confidence in data protection.
Integrating AI solutions seamlessly with existing systems and platforms is a point of pride for us. Our software development company excels in ensuring compatibility and harmonious integration of AI solutions with your current technological infrastructure. Moreover, we take effort to wrap AI into user experiences, fostering user adoption by creating intuitive and engaging interfaces that seamlessly incorporate the power of AI, enhancing overall user satisfaction and system usability.
The typical timeline for developing and deploying AI solutions varies based on the complexity and scope of the project. At our software development company, we follow a meticulous process that involves initial discovery and assessment, data collection and preprocessing, model development and training, rigorous testing, and finally, deployment. While timelines can be influenced by factors like project scale and specific requirements, we strive for efficiency without compromising quality. Typically, our clients witness tangible results within a few months from project initiation, ensuring a swift yet thorough journey from development to the deployment of robust AI solutions.
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