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Elevate the digital capabilities of your business with custom web application development services, empowering you to excel in all sorts of online settings and situations your vital processes involve.

As opposed to just any other web app development company, we pride ourselves on quality code and superior maintenance, ensuring your web app remains cutting-edge and optimized for peak performance. The user experience (UX) is at the forefront of our philosophy, ensuring that every interaction with your application is seamless and engaging. At the same time, we are eager to bring new technologies like AI into the mix where necessary to create web apps that exceed expectations. Together, we can transform your vision into exceptional digital experiences, be it in the form of an MVP or a mature web app product.


Enterprise web applications

Empower your enterprise with custom web applications tailored to elevate corporate operations. From efficient project management tools to intuitive CRM systems, seamless financial management, and dynamic learning management systems, our web app development solutions are crafted to meet the unique demands of your business. Enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and drive productivity with our expertly designed and meticulously developed enterprise web applications.


Web portals

Tailored to your specific needs, our web portals serve as gateways to centralized information, collaboration, and seamless user experiences. Whether it’s an employee portal for streamlined communication, a customer portal for enhanced engagement, or a partner portal for efficient collaboration, our expertise extends across diverse industries. With our web application development company, you can elevate connectivity, streamline interactions, and foster a unified digital environment with our custom web portal solutions.


Customer-facing web apps

Tailored to your specific needs, our web portals serve as gateways to centralized information, collaboration, and seamless user experiences. Whether it’s an employee portal for streamlined communication, a customer portal for enhanced engagement, or a partner portal for efficient collaboration, our expertise extends across diverse industries. Elevate connectivity, streamline interactions, and foster a unified digital environment with our custom web application development services.


eCommerce web apps

Whether you’re launching a new online store or seeking to optimize an existing one, our expertise spans the entire eCommerce spectrum. From seamless product browsing to secure payment gateways and personalized shopping experiences, our web apps are designed to captivate and convert. Embrace a tailored eCommerce solution that not only meets industry standards but exceeds customer expectations, driving sales and fostering brand loyalty.


Event management web app development services

Transform your events into unforgettable experiences with our event web app development services. Whether you’re organizing conferences, trade shows, or virtual events, our custom web apps are designed to streamline planning, enhance attendee engagement, and provide seamless management solutions. From dynamic event schedules and interactive maps to attendee networking features, we tailor our apps to suit your event’s unique requirements.


Healthcare apps

Prioritize patient care and streamline healthcare operations with our healthcare web application development services. Our expertise as a web app development company extends to crafting secure, compliant, and user-friendly applications tailored for the healthcare industry. From robust electronic health record (EHR) systems to telemedicine platforms and patient portals, our solutions are designed to enhance accessibility, efficiency, and overall healthcare delivery. With a focus on data security and interoperability, our healthcare web apps empower providers, improve patient experiences, and contribute to the evolution of modern healthcare.



From intuitive navigation to visually engaging layouts, our websites are crafted to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Embrace a digital presence that stands out in today’s competitive landscape. Let our website development expertise be the cornerstone of your online success.

Over the past 3 years, Lionwood has helped 89 startups
implement their vision with custom
web app development



  • Front end development

    Leverage the power of cutting-edge frameworks like Angular and more with our front-end web application development services, ensuring not just visually stunning interfaces but also enhanced performance and scalability for your digital solutions.

  • Back end development

    Empower your web applications with robust back-end development using the versatility of Node.js and the reliability of .NET, ensuring scalable, efficient, and high-performance solutions for your business needs.

  • MVP development

    Kickstart your web app journey with our MVP web application development services, where we transform your vision into a minimal, yet powerful, prototype that captures essential functionalities, accelerates time-to-market, and gathers valuable user feedback for future enhancements.

  • Web app QA

    Ensure the flawless functionality and user experience of your web application with our comprehensive QA services, meticulously testing every aspect to deliver a seamless and error-free digital product.

  • Web app consulting

    Navigate the complexities of web app development with our expert consulting services, where strategic insights, tailored recommendations, and industry expertise guide your project from inception to successful implementation, ensuring optimal outcomes for your digital goals.

  • Maintenance and support

    Secure the longevity of your digital investment with our web app maintenance and support services, offering proactive monitoring, timely updates, and expert assistance to guarantee the continued performance, security, and evolution of your web application.




Our 4.9/5 Clutch rating is the result of our commitment to our client's individual needs and taking customization to the forefront


75% of our web application developers are Middle/Senior

We ensure that your project is in the hands of experienced specialists capable of delivering high-quality, sophisticated solutions tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. This wealth of experience guarantees a deep understanding of industry best practices, efficient problem-solving, and the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, resulting in a web application that not only meets your immediate requirements but is also positioned for long-term success and adaptability.

Focus on UX

A relentless focus on UX is the cornerstone of a successful web application, as it ensures an intuitive and enjoyable user journey, fostering engagement and satisfaction. It’s a succeed or lose game: those web apps win that are loved by their users, and we know how to achieve that. By prioritizing user experience, not only do you enhance user adoption (or customer loyalty), but you also differentiate your web application in a crowded digital landscape, ultimately contributing to its overall success.


Regular maintenance is the lifeblood of a web application, ensuring continued functionality, security, and performance. It not only prevents potential issues but also allows for the incorporation of new features and optimizations, keeping the application relevant, resilient, and well-suited to evolving user needs. By proactively addressing issues, optimizing performance, and staying abreast of technological advancements, your web application stands out as reliable, secure, and equipped to outperform competitors, ultimately establishing a strong and enduring position in the market.

Custom web applications are the default for us

Focusing on custom web solutions is pivotal for achieving the perfect alignment between a web application and the unique business needs it serves. Tailoring functionalities and features to specific requirements enhances efficiency and user satisfaction, resulting in a digital solution that truly resonates with the business objectives. This bespoke approach not only ensures a perfect fit but also maximizes return on investment, as the web application becomes a tailored asset that directly contributes to business success.

New Tech + Established Best Practices = Perfect Web App

Incorporating new technologies alongside established best practices is the recipe for creating the perfect web application. By leveraging cutting-edge innovations (AI, ML, blockchain), the web app stays at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring it remains relevant and competitive. Simultaneously, adhering to established best practices and solid knowledge of what the current state of things in, say, front-end, guarantees a solid foundation, stability, and adherence to industry standards, resulting in a harmonious blend that fosters the development of a flawless and forward-thinking digital solution.

Experience with startups

The insights gained from navigating the dynamic startup landscape foster a proactive mindset, setting us apart from the other web application development companies. This versatility, combined with the stability and depth of experience gained from working on established applications, ensures a comprehensive approach that enhances the overall performance and success of every project.



The approach to the web app development process is paramount, and our flexibility shines through Agile methodologies, ensuring adaptability, collaboration, and continuous improvement throughout every phase of the project.

Discover (Initial Assessment)

During the first step, our web application development company studies the project, collects business and technical requirements, and estimates potential project success and relevance.

Define and validate

We validate the project idea and define the required scope of the website’s functionality to gather and allocate resources needed for implementation.

Design and iterate

Our web design and web app development services include building prototypes, wireframes, user flows, navigation, mockups, and the general style of the future website depending on the client's requirements and users' expectations.


Based on the technical specifications, we start bringing your vision to reality through our full-cycle web application development services. Once the UX/UI design phase is finished, we proceed to the back-end and front-end engineering using the best-suited tech stack.


The project undergoes rigorous testing, including manual, automation, and end-to-end testing throughout the entire production flow to ensure the high performance, flawless functionality, and exceptional usability of the delivered web solution.


Once the website or web application is built, we proceed to the deployment (project migration) and regression testing.


After we develop the web app, we can assist you in maintaining the software upon your request (for an extra cost), helping to implement new features for the future app release and conducting regular optimizations.












Working with Lionwood:


Safe start & Risk reduction

Embark on web app development projects with minimal risks as our seasoned expertise and meticulous approach lay a solid foundation for success. By leveraging our deep understanding of industry nuances and adopting a strategic, risk-mitigating approach, we navigate challenges proactively, ensuring that your project not only meets but exceeds expectations, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and innovation. Start your journey with confidence, knowing that our expertise is your shield against uncertainties, fostering a seamless and successful web app development experience.

Easy-to-use web applications

We create web apps that are actually used, not ones that are just sitting there. A seamless user experience not only enhances customer satisfaction but also translates directly into improved adoption rates, maximizing the application’s potential impact on your business. An intuitive design and user-centric functionalities not only attract users but also contribute to increased efficiency, reduced training costs, and heightened overall productivity, positioning your web app as a valuable asset with tangible and positive business implications.

Methodology that leaves wiggle room for your strategy

When collaborating with a web application development firm, the choice of methodology is pivotal, and flexibility is key. Opting for methodologies like Agile or Lean ensures that the development process seamlessly aligns with your business strategy. This adaptability not only accommodates changing requirements but also allows for strategic adjustments throughout the project, fostering a dynamic partnership that evolves in tandem with your business goals.

Industry-specific understanding

A software vendor’s advantage lies in a deep understanding of industry specifics, coupled with a commitment to transparent communication. By acknowledging and honestly addressing the unique challenges and requirements of your industry, we tailor our solutions to fit seamlessly into your operational landscape. This industry-centric approach not only enhances the relevance and effectiveness of our software but also establishes a foundation of trust, ensuring a collaborative and successful partnership built on mutual understanding and shared goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions
This depends on the nature of the project we have at hand. As a standard option, we use front-end frameworks like Angular and Vue.js, back-end technologies like .NET (C# where necessary), Java, and PHP, as well as a host of other technologies. Some web applications require technologies that are not usually associated with the web alone (cases where AI or ML are necessary), but we're all about enabling a holistic solution.
The timeline for developing a custom web app varies based on the project's complexity, features, and specific requirements. On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks for simpler projects to several months for more intricate and feature-rich applications.
The exact figure will depend on the scope and the nature of the project, as defined by our joint analysis. The cost is defined based on the project design, but we have our own ways to define the approximate pricing proportionally to the detail provided. You can use our calculator to get a free approximation right now.
As a web application development company, we have worked on diverse web applications, ranging from CRM systems to healthcare, insurance, and transportation projects. You can view some of the notable cases here.
Yes, Agile is highly important for web development, especially for your web app, as it fosters flexibility, collaboration, and iterative progress, allowing for continuous adaptation to evolving requirements and ensuring the delivery of a successful and well-aligned final product. Embracing Agile methodologies enhances transparency, accelerates development cycles, and promotes a dynamic approach essential for meeting the unique challenges of web app projects.
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