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I'm Iryna, an experienced Head of Business Development at Lionwood Software with a proven track record of driving revenue growth and forging strategic partnerships.
With over 8 years of experience, I have successfully navigated the intersection of technology, business, and innovatin. My mission is to bridge the gap between business needs and software solutions, as well as, build long-lasting partnerships and drive success.

I am accomplished at partnering with internal and external business leaders to define, measure, and solve complex business challenges to meet revenue objectives.
I have a deep understanding of the software development landscape, and my expertise spans across Web and mobile development, product design, and new business growth.
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05 May, 2023
How to Build and Monetize Your App
The world of dApps is exploding, with over 4,000 dApps existing, most of which are running on the Ethereum network. According to Emergen Research, the dApp market is expected to reach an incredible $368.25 billion by 2027.  And that doesn’t come as a surprise–blockchain technology has become accessible over time, allowing users to easily leverage dApps without requiring extensive technical knowledge.
20 Nov, 2023
Coding for the Future: How Software Development is Transforming Education
Discover the profound impact of software development on education in our blog, "Coding for the Future." From the use of interactive educational software like Kahoot! to the integration of coding in curriculums, education is evolving. Successful initiatives, such as the Nashville Software School, demonstrate the real-world value of software development education, preparing students for in-demand tech careers. Explore the potential of AI and ML to personalize learning, ensuring students are well-equipped for an ever-changing job market.
16 Mar, 2023
Why Use Software for Insurance Companies?
In order to succeed in the rapidly evolving market and stay ahead of the technology advantage, businesses need to adjust and invest in insurance software development services. This becomes a real game-changer for companies, allowing them to offer better digital experiences to customers and obtain higher revenue. 
21 Jun, 2023
Successful Outsourcing Examples in Different Industries: Case Studies
IT outsourcing has emerged as a powerful strategy for businesses to increase their capabilities, drive innovation, and achieve cost efficiency. By partnering with a trusted tech services provider, companies can tap into external expertise and access cutting-edge technologies, no matter what their requirements are. has successfully collaborated with clients from diverse industries since 2017, allowing them to achieve their project goals and thrive in highly competitive markets. In this article, we want to reveal three successful outsourcing examples that illustrate the triumphs of our work in different sectors.
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