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KІТ (Quests and Tests) is an interactive format of school contests in various academic disciplines for schoolchildren of different ages. 
Online testing is created and conducted in cooperation with the platform called NIT (derived from Ukrainian НІТ - Навчання і Технології), a Learning Management System, which is used and implemented in many secondary educational institutions in Ukraine in order to provide an effective modern educational process. This integration of online-contests ensures corresponding access levels, taking into account the user's grade and personal data, as well as the ability to obtain results immediately after the test is completed. The school contests involve intellectual competitions in various subjects (subject groups - integrated olympiads), in which all interested students can participate, test their knowledge level and compete for valuable prizes. Participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their intelligence and knowledge in a digital way.





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By 2020, many state structures were reformed, but no significant changes were made in the education field. Poor quality education was most noticeable during the pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of students across the country were experiencing lockdown and the usual studying process was undermined. As demonstrated, the current education system can not provide alternative platforms for convenient remote studying. Therefore, decided to transform the education system by developing an all-Ukrainian free platform for teachers, students and parents with convenient and interactive functionality that makes students more motivated and involved in the studying process.

Partnership period:
Nov 2022 - ONGOING
After the Revolution in 2013-2014,
Ukraine has changed its vector into
a pro-European future.

Business Challenge

Creating an online school contest app is a complex process. It is important to plan and design the app carefully, test it thoroughly, and ensure that it meets the needs of participants and organizers. A KІТ app will need to be able to handle increased traffic and usage, so it’s important to make sure that the app can scale up effectively. Additionally, the contest may need to be carefully structured and monitored to ensure fairness, prevent cheating or other forms of misconduct, and maintain a positive and respectful learning environment.


Project Goals


Encourage participants to think creatively and support students in their pursuit of learning, improve their knowledge and skills in a specific subject (group of subjects).


Identify talented students and provide them with opportunities to showcase their talent in the corresponding subject area.


Development of cognitive interests, motivation for learning and self-improvement, provide opportunities for future academic or professional success.


Encourage advanced study of subjects and increase the digital literacy of participants, boost students self-confidence and motivate them to continue learning and exploring their interests.


Provide automatic, instant, and independent processing of results.


Provide all students (of secondary education institutions) with the possibility to take part in school contests, help them connect with peers and professionals in their field of interest. This can help them build relationships and gain valuable insights into their desired career path.


  • Instant objective knowledge evaluation of the participants.
  • Technical adaptability of the online-contest, taking into account air raid sirens, internet network failures, temporary power outages, etc.
  • Unique graphic materials for each online school contest
  • Boost of students’ interest in extended studying of various subjects, a rewarding way to develop skills, gain recognition, and build important life skills.

Project Overview

An online school contest is a virtual competition that allows students to participate in various academic or extracurricular activities through an online platform with the possibility of prompt results delivery after the completion of the test.

Online school contest provides an engaging and competitive environment for students to learn and have fun. It’s easy to use, secure, and scalable to accommodate future growth.

The technical adaptability of the online contest includes considerations for potential disruptions such as air raid sirens, internet network failures, temporary power outages, and other unforeseen technical issues.

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