Android app development services

Android App Development Services

There are countless reasons for a business to want their own custom Android apps: from extending customer experience and audience reach to optimizing the inner workings and operations within a particular department. The first thing to do here is to look at what the mobile habits and preferences of the intended users are.

The world of mobile apps is balanced between “two towers” (platforms), and Android is one of them (iOS obviously being the other). In some cases, you can go for cross-platform development, while in others, you’ll want a fully native Android app. Lionwood has experience in both, and we can help navigate the labyrinth of mobile app cases to find the optimal solution.

From banking apps to entertainment, and from appointment setting to healthcare and wellness apps, we are ready to apply our expertise into creating a perfect application for your company.


Transport apps

Among the most common categories of Android apps we develop are ones designed to track public transport movement. These apps display up-to-date details on arrival times, delays, and route changes, enhancing the efficiency and predictability of public transport. We incorporate interactive maps, alerts for service disruptions, and the ability to save favorite routes, making urban commuting smoother and more manageable.

Appointment booking apps

You can boost customer centricity by eliminating waiting times, even (and especially) in regulated industries like healthcare. Custom Android app development for setting appointments, particularly with healthcare professionals (HCPs), offers tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers and their patients. Custom apps can be designed to enable patients to schedule, reschedule, and manage appointments with ease, facilitating a seamless integration with the healthcare provider’s existing scheduling system. Features can include personalized reminders, secure messaging between patients and HCPs, access to medical records, and even integration with wearable health devices. Similar apps can also be tailored for other industries.


Staff management apps

With a well-designed Android app, you can streamline operations, enhance communication within the team, and improve the overall efficiency of workflows.

For example, in logistics companies, custom-developed Android apps can incorporate features such as real-time GPS tracking of deliveries and assets, route optimization to ensure the fastest and most cost-effective delivery routes, and automated task management systems that assign and update tasks based on location, availability, and priority.

Banking apps

We develop bespoke fintech apps to align with the bank’s specific requirements, branding, and business objectives, allowing for a personalized touch that off-the-shelf solutions often lack. Going mobile allows banks not just to compete in terms of convenience for the customer, but easily promote new banking products and offers. Popular functionalities include account management, personal finance management, push notifications, as well as extended security features and integrations.


Other types of Android apps we develop:

  • Healthcare and wellness apps
  • Retail and FMCG delivery apps
  • Equipment management
  • Educational apps
  • Blockchain applications
  • Entertainment apps


  • Android app consultation

    Draw upon our experience in Android app development for your industry to plan your project, ensuring the different aspects align with your business goals.

  • Android app development

    We provide dedicated teams of Android developers, as well as outsource specialists, to help implement your project using the latest technologies and best practices.

  • UX design

    Make sure your app is ahead of competition in terms of convenience for the user. We provide Android UI/UX design services to design experiences first, and then wrap them into code.

  • Android app testing and QA

    Get your app rigorously tested – not just to debug but also to ensure it operates as expected across different Android devices and versions.

  • App maintenance

    We help companies handle updates, optimize performance, and ensure the app remains compatible with newer Android versions post-launch.

  • MVP development

    Got an app idea? We can help you start with an MVP definition and development so that you can roll out the app and collect feedback at the same time.

When to choose native Android app development over cross-platform?

A common question from the clients we are asked when starting a mobile app project is whether to pursue native Android app development or opt for cross-platform development. There is no single answer for everyone: while we are advocates for cross-platform development, your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and goals.

Here are some scenarios where we actually recommend native Android app development as the optimal variant for a project:

  • If you require a high-performance app that leverages the capabilities of Android devices to the fullest, native development is the way to go. Native apps literally have direct access to hardware and Android system features, so in such cases it’s justified.
  • Go native if you need the UX to adhere very tightly to Android’s Material Design principles. This includes things like the smoothest animations and transitions, as well as other “standard” user expectations among the long-time Android users.
  • If your app depends heavily on advanced device features like camera, accelerometer, or other sensors, native Android development allows more sophisticated control and reliability in utilizing these features.
  • Market segment: that’s where we really need to think about the target audience; if market research indicates your primary user base uses Android devices, investing in native Android development ensures the best results.

At the same time, the range of cases where cross-platform development is closing the gap to native is growing. Having one codebase shared across multiple platforms can also be appealing, particularly if budget and time constraints are factors. A final decision rests with you, and we are happy to provide consultations where necessary.


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Our Approach

Focus on the app’s primary goal

Probably the most important factor influencing user adoption of any Android app is how well it performs its primary task. No amount of additional functionalities can guarantee success if the general “job” the app is meant to help with is forgotten or not facilitated enough for the user. That’s why we define the app we build and prioritize its features in terms of how well they align with the main user scenarios, so that there are no empty “vanity features” instead of the ones that matter.

Meticulous UX conceptualization

Apps are here to make things simple, right? Hardly anyone enjoys having to learn how to use an app, so we’re putting extra effort into ensuring intuitive user experiences. Our UI/UX designers are used to looking at Android applications from the potential users’ viewpoint, and implement select best practices to design the application properly, embedding its potential into its concept from the very start.

Clear process

Our Android app development services are based on a clear and transparent process, with regular updates and open communication at every stage. We empower our clients with as much control as they need, allowing them to stay informed and make crucial decisions throughout the project.

Security and robustness

Android apps are increasingly being used for industries where they are made to handle sensitive data or impact large decisions: finance, healthcare, and logistics. This prompted a rapid evolution of security-oriented practices and technologies, and Lionwood is committed to making sure the applicable measures are used for your app to guarantee its proper function, prevent data loss, leaks, and protect privacy.

In-built flexibility

One of our main principles when working on Android apps is to ensure the codebase yields itself to future improvements and maintenance easily. Mobile applications tend to exist in a highly competitive and volatile environment – not just because of market fluctuations, but also because of user device “fleets” changing every year, so we build apps to last through these challenges.

  • Apps that actually “do the thing” they were meant for
  • Controlled budgets and timelines
  • Communication and visibility
  • Increased adoption
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Frequently asked questions
Yes, in case with full-cycle development projects, we offer initial consultations to understand your project requirements and outline a strategic development plan tailored to your business goals.
This will depend on the complexity of the app, features required, and project scope. A simple app may take a few weeks, while more complex ones could take several months.
We primarily use Java and Kotlin for native Android app development. For cross-platform apps, we might use frameworks such as Flutter or React Native, depending on the project requirements.
Yes, we can develop apps for both platforms. We offer guidance as to whether to go for native Android and iOS development, or cross-platform solutions that work seamlessly on both.
The cost depends on various factors including app complexity, design specifics, feature set, and development hours. We provide a detailed quote after understanding your specific needs. You can also get an approximation using our cost calculator.
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