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The mobile application that was developed to arrange staff management in the Construction business. Using the Constructify app, project managers and admins can now monitor company projects, assign employees to construction objects, monitor employees' activity, and track the time spent activating and the tasks management. While for workers it simplifies their everyday activity as they can easily track within the app their current project details, track and report time spent, close completed tasks, and request vacation and sick leaves.





About The


Constructify is a startup business, while the client is in the construction business for many years. Their services include project estimation, planning, building, and construction delivery. It’s a large business itself, but the aim of a digital app is to implement it in a number of other construction businesses for the proper construction project management and planning.

Partnership period:
Sep 2021 - Apr 2022

Business Challenge

There is no similar app to manage workers and stuff in construction. The idea was to develop the first version of MVP to test it on the first construction business. The biggest market challenge is the fact that construction still has a lot of paper management work which becomes challenging when speaking about large construction teams. The construction market includes challenges tracking work logs, sick leaves, vacations, team and work planning, etc.


Project Goals


Reduce the usage of paper reports and free up the project manager’s time on team reporting;


Automate project management processes in construction.


One app with different roles and different functionality to create projects, monitor work progress, and report day-to-day activity and team management;


Simple interface - workers can quickly and easily report everything requested by management. No time for complex reporting;


Workers can:

Log in and log out on construction objects;
Track work progress;
Request vacation and sick leaves;
Track project planning and its details, the work location, and team, and have easy access to management.

The management can:

Create projects and schedule project planning 
Assign workers and move them within different projects;
Monitor work progress and workers’ reports;
Approve/decline vacation and sick leaves.

Project overview

Time tracker

Any user can easily log their work activity by scanning the QR code at the object entrance, pause when needed, and getting back to work.

PTO request

All app users (Journeyman, Apprentice, pre-Apprentice, Foreman, Superintend, Project Manager) can create requests for vacation or sick leave, review approved/declined requests, and track availability. 

Senior management have also the ability to approve/decline requests of their team workers.


Senior management (Superintendent, Project Manager, Boss (global admin)) can use the app to manage equipment in stock, create new items, add their amount and manage inventory.

Warehouse Equipment request

Journeyman, Apprentice, pre-Apprentice, and Foreman can book the needed amount of equipment and it helps to manage the stock of equipment in the warehouse, and track its usage to avoid lost items.

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