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Event Cloud is a multi-tenant software tool for the organization of events. It is notoriously challenging to plan and arrange events such as weddings, corporate events, and major celebrations. There are a lot of details that should be kept in mind. Event Cloud solves these problems with a system that gives event managers the ability to create custom questionnaires for their clients to gather all required data to plan an event. The system then organizes all data into separate organization plans, which ensures that none of the important customers’ wishes is  lost or forgotten. Questionnaires can be built by a robust page builder, giving the ability to create online questionnaires of any form and content using a simple drag & drop functionality.  When answering the questionnaire the system automatically calculates the estimated event cost, using the in-build Article management system.  The system also supports features such as user management, Invoicing, dashboard. 





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The Hofgut Lilienhof is the most requested regional venue in Germany. It has a dreamlike location and an exceptional service concept. The farm estate is located in the midst of breathtaking nature, surrounded by loess fields and forest, wine, and orchids, at the end of a small valley! They are a lean team that loves happy customers and effective workflows. It is a perfect place for weddings, summer parties, birthday parties, and conferences.

Partnership period:
August 2022 - ongoing

Business Challenge

Event planning requires attention to every detail, which can be easily lost during the organization process of large events. With a multi-tenant system, the biggest business challenge was to create a fully-custom questionnaire builder which will allow different tenants to build their own “mini-websites” for the clients, where they can gather specific info regarding the events. Imagine it to be a google forms builder but with far-more extended functionality.

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Project Goals


Create multi-tenant system


Automate event organization process and information gathering from clients


Organize client responses into separate organization plans, to have an overview of the event organization


Automatic calculation of event costs


System admins can:

  • Create and add new tenants to the system
  • See statistics of the system usage to generate invoices for tenants

The Tenants can:

  • Create events
  • Build fully customizable questioners and assign them to specific events
  • Automatically calculate event costs and send invoices to clients
  • Organize Clients responses from the questionnaire into organization plans
  • Manage articles

The Tennant clients can:

  • Access questionnaire
  • Fill in data necessary for event organization in the form of the questionnaire
  • Get an approximate event cost

Project Overview

and statistics

Tenants can view the system summary and the statistics of their company


Build fully customized questionnaires using page builder.
Users can access a widget palette and build their own by selecting from 12 different elements, images, radio buttons, multi-selects, tables, time-pickers, etc. Every widget can be bonded with an Article so the total price of the event is generated based on users’ answers.

Customers can view the Questionnaire

Pages built in the builder are transformed into customer view. As the questionnaire is assigned to the event, the corresponding customers receive access to the customer view of the questionnaire, where they can answer the questions about the event and can see the approximate cost, based on the answers.

Invoicing tool

Tennant can import all user inputs from the questionnaire into the invoice tool and generate the invoice for the client.

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