Top 5 Benefits of Using a Dedicated Software Team

08 Aug, 2022

One of the main factors companies consider when beginning a software development project is the cost. However, the “cost” can vary greatly depending on if you pay the developer by the hour or by the project. Many companies hire a full-time software developer, which can be costlier than it seems on paper. In most cases, hiring a dedicated software team ends up more cost-effective and with better results. 

What Is A Dedicated Software Team?

A dedicated software development team is hired from the outside and typically works with clients remotely. While the dedicated team is not an extension of your team, you have access to interact with them and monitor the progress of the project. The goal is to stay on the same page with the team while providing flexibility to the extent it’s possible. Even if your company has a software developer, a dedicated team can handle certain complex aspects or simply be there to assist with complex projects.

There are plenty of benefits to working with a dedicated development team and we’ve explained five of them here. 

Budget-Friendly Professional Team

Cost efficiency is one of the most attractive components of hiring dedicated software developers. Think about what it takes to hire a full-time developer as an employee. Not only do you have to pay a salary of roughly $100k per year, but you also must provide benefits, training, and more. With a dedicated software team, you cut out all of the training and other administrative costs so your budget is focused on the project at hand. The team is already experienced and comfortable working together so every hour of their time is maximized. These issues must be considered to get an accurate view of your costs.

Complete Focus And Adaptability

When you hire a full-time software developer for a project, they almost always end up doing other projects in the meantime. But when you work with a dedicated team, their sole focus is your project and the team members are at your service for anything you need. The dedicated software team understands your needs and requirements and can adapt to them as they change. When you work with a team whose only purpose is working on your development project, the timeline can be quicker and there are much fewer risks of errors.

Transparency And Collaboration

A professional dedicated software development team will prioritize transparency and collaboration. This can be in the form of daily status reports, updates, emails, phone calls, meetings, or any other method your company prefers. Before the project begins, the team will provide a roadmap leading to the end goal. Company managers can be as much or as little involved as they would like. But if they need information about the project, they are a simple phone call or email away from finding out what they need.

No Learning Curves Or Training Challenges

When you hire full-time employees for your software development project, you have to take the time to train them. You can’t be sure of an employee’s learning curve until you begin your training. And at that point, you’ve already invested a lot of time and resources in them so it’s best to continue with them. 

When you work with a dedicated software team, the members already work together and can help each other if any challenges present themselves. The best part about that is they usually won’t have to bother anyone on your staff so they can maximize productivity on other important tasks. A quality dedicated team operates smoothly so your project can finish on time and within your budget.

Continuous Integration With Little Risk

A dedicated software development professional provides a much smaller risk to your organization compared to hiring a full-time employee. And most of the time you’ll find out you need to hire multiple developers to meet your internal deadlines. With a dedicated team, your software will be designed for the future, as well as the present. The team can add new components as your company’s requirements adjust. This flexibility and adaptability are vital for your company’s future. And the best part is you can have all of this with very little risk and high potential.

A Dedicated Software Development Team Is The Wise Choice

Companies who have chosen a dedicated software team quickly see the benefits. They can better manage their budget and bottom line, while still ensuring the project remains on schedule. The dedicated team can act as an extension of your team or operate as a separate entity with a single point of contact. This flexibility allows you to work with the dedicated team in the best manner that works for you.

Lionwood Software offers relevant and dedicated specialists capable of handling every aspect of your software development project. The end goal is to ensure your expectations are met and you are informed throughout the process. Software development projects can be very complex. When you work with us, we will remove the complex tasks from your team so they can focus on other areas to increase revenue. If you’re ready to work toward a more efficient software development project, contact us to learn about our team and processes.

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