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The mobile application was developed to manage and optimize the delivery process. Using the FetchApp drivers can easily see the available orders, assign themself to a particular order and see the list of specific items that should be delivered. Via the "Builder Chat" they can text clients who are supposed to send the items and via the "Support Chat" they can text the support team if there are some issues. Likewise, the users of the "FetchApp" can track the money balance and see the detailed transaction history.



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About The


Blue Fetch is an online delivery service for construction materials. Blue Fetch has revolutionized the way contractors, tradesmen, and homeowners purchase and transport building materials to job-sites. Their platform contains an extensive inventory to serve all building trades.They partner with local building materials suppliers to bring contractors, tradesmen, builders, and laborers what they need to knock out jobs faster.

Partnership period:
April, 2022 - August, 2022
transportation, CONSTRUCTION delivered
the fully functioning app on time ...

Business Challenge

The idea was to develop the first version of MVP to test it with about 10 drivers. The biggest challenge was to integrate the app into the ecosystem of the existing CRM and the website. We had to keep a balance between implementing a new product and not forgetting that it had to fit the entire system.


Project Goals


Create a user-friendly registration interface with multiple steps that requires document uploading and approvals by admins.


Automate the delivery management processes.


Simple interface for communication between drivers and the support team.


Implement the delivery flow with minimal interruption from the app side.


The drivers can:

  • Easily log in with the phone number 
  • Upload all required documents during the registration process and track the status.
  • Quickly and easily get in touch with the “Current Drives”, “My Upcoming Drives” and “Available Drives”.
  • See the delivery status
  • See the detailed list of the delivery items
  • Communicate with people who should send the items via “Builder Chat”.
  • Communicate with the support team via “Support Chat”.
  • Track the balance in the “Wallet” and the detailed history of the transactions
  • Check the driver rating in the profile.
Their team was organized and proactive in improving design flaws. They also managed the project efficiently and produced quality work.
Garrett Buis

Project overview

“Builder Chat” and “Support Chat”

The users can easily communicate with the person they need. If there are some issues in the delivery flow, they can use “Support Chat” and find the solution with the help of the support manager. If there are some issues with items that are to be delivered or some items are missing, the drivers have direct communication with the sender.


The users always have access to their balance to see detailed information about earned cash and the history of the transactions.

Delivery flow

All drives are split into three groups: “Current Drives”, “My Upcoming Drives” and “Available Drives”. They can assign themself to a specific drive and see exact places when they need to take off the items and a detailed list of items that have to be delivered. Real-time status drive screen: drivers can always see the exact status of the drive which is updated in real-time via WebSocket technology.

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